Advantages of Commercial LED Flood Lights

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LEDs have really risen in popularity in the recent past, and for good reasons too. While it took a lot of time in research and development, the more energy efficient solution is finally here and commercially viable. LED lighting is not just a viable solution for homes and offices, but also a viable commercial solution that would work for any environment. Yes, there are other lighting solutions available out there in the market, but there are several reasons why LEDs are the best solution.

Advantages of Commercial LED Flood Lights

1. Lower maintenance costs

LED lights are a lot sturdier than halogen lights. They do not have a brittle filament that is susceptible to temperature changes. You also do not need to replace them very often. Commercial LED flood lights easily last for 8 years on an average, which is 10 times more than the average life of a halogen bulb. That translates to tremendous savings in maintenance costs. You not only have to consider the cost of the bulb when you need to change when you opt for halogens, but also the labor cost involved in replacements and maintenance. Moreover, LED lights do not die all of a sudden, unlike other commercial lighting solutions, like halogen bulbs.

2. More energy efficient

LED flood lights do not emit heat, unlike halogen bulbs, or even CFLs. Thus, they use almost all of the energy supplied to them to produce light. Thus, commercial LED lights do not waste energy during the process of producing light. This is a great advantage over halogen bulbs, which waste almost 80% of the energy they consume as heat. Apart from this, there can be significant cost savings in the medium to long run due to the efficiency of these LED lights, which are usually on for a long period and are also high in number when used commercially.

3. Better in cold temperatures

LED lights can work in cool temperatures. They are, therefore, more suitable for use in cold warehouses or countries that experienced freezing temperatures. Halogen bulbs are not nearly as reliable in extremely cold conditions. Since they require a higher temperature to function, they can fluctuate and malfunction in very low temperatures.

4. They are better for hydroponics

Hydroponics is the science of growing food without soil. Certain fruits and vegetables can grow under artificial light under the right color temperature. Commercial LED lights are a reliable solution for this process. One, they are available in a range of color temperatures. And two, they are consistent with their brightness, unlike other lighting solutions such as halogen bulbs. If you are looking to grow food hydroponically, LED lights are the best solution out there.

5. No carbon emissions

LED lights are devoid of any harmful gases, which makes them far more eco-friendly than other lighting solutions out there. While you may not care much about the environment, it can have direct business benefits for you. By having lesser carbon emissions, many Governments around the world offer tax rebates for using commercial LED lights.

Additionally, there is a lower chance of fire and electricity accidents happening with LED flood lights, so you have a lighting solution that's worth the extra money.

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