About Us

Kodak LED lights look beautiful in a chandelier


Spotlite Energy Systems, and its sister-company, Lenawee Lighting, which specializes in bulb-packs, is committed to bringing you the best in LED light bulbs and fixtures!

Spotlite and Lenawee LED Luminaires are designed to provide the best looking light possible. Our experience working with leading architectural and interior designers provides a knowledge base and understanding of lighting that goes beyond engineering. The technology behind our products have been proven through years of successful performance in demanding environments. Whether hospitality, commercial or residential, Spotlite-Lenawee LED Lighting is the right product for your needs.

Spotlite-Lenawee LED bulbs and fixtures are the affordable choice for your retrofit project. Our experience working with contractors, developers, and designers gives Spotlite-Lenawee LED Lighting the edge that goes beyond engineering. Our LED Lighting products have been proven through years of successful performance in hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and commercial properties.


Regardless of the type of property, we have the product and knowledge to improve the lighting.

Building efficiency is good for the planet and your bottom line. Spotlite-Lenawee LED Lighting products can show you how to deliver success on your next retrofit.


Each Spotlite-Lenawee LED lamp and fixture has been engineered to distribute light from the correct location and at the optimum angles. Retrofitting new or existing luminaires is the way, will save money, and this will improve your lighting for years to come.


Light bulbs have improved. Updating to the latest LED lighting technology will mean years of use from a single bulb. We are committed to providing longevity with a great looking light that lasts up to 10 years. A change to Spotlite-Lenawee LED Lighting is probably the last bulb you will change.


Our in-stock, quick ship program means that orders are turned around within 24 hours. We have experienced staff that can help you, whether to place an order or determine the best product. You can also pick our products up in-store at 9937 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA 90232; Monday Thru Friday 9am-5pm.

We at Spotlite-Lenawee thank you for your business and look forward to lighting up your life!